How "time sharing" a professional makes sense for small businesses like yours

All businesses are required to keep accurate financial records, but for small businesses this can be very difficult. You most likely don't have the time, know how or desire to do the books yourself.  It can also be very expensive and often quite a challenge to find a reliable, qualified, honest and trustworthy in-house bookkeeper to do this work for you.


An employee has to be paid a wage and the company has to also pay matching FICA taxes as well as L&I, Employment Security and Federal Unemployment taxes.  You also have to provide space for this employee and provide office equipment and supplies.  Then you have to be sure that you have someone that really knows how to handle a company's books.  Then once you think you're all set you run the risk of them leaving without notice and then you're spending more of your valuable time trying to find someone all over again.  Or worse - you're so busy trying to build and run your business that that "trusted" employee has been stealing from you. They also may miss tax deadlines and cost you hefty fines.


Hire a CPA to do this work for you and you're looking at hundreds of dollars an hour or a slap dash write up job at the end of the year that won't accurately capture all of your income and expenses which could mean overpaid taxes or underpaid taxes and penalties. CPA's also often could care less about their clients.  They just want to get the taxes done as quickly as possible and move on to their next client.

So what's the alternative?  "Time sharing" the services of a professional bookkeeper/accountant.  C.A.T.S. can handle your books for you and save you the cost of a full or part time employee.  With C.A.T.S. you pay a flat monthly fee - only $200 to $350 per month - and that's it.  Everything will be expertly handled and you'll be freed up to do what you do best - serving your clients and building your small business.  You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that returns will be filed on time and your financial records will be up to date and accurate.  You will also have someone that truly CARES about you and your small business and who will do all they can to help you succeed.